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The cheeses of Hacienda el Vedado are made exclusively with raw sheep’s milk of the best quality. Only with the use of the best raw materials, we achieve the elaboration of products outstanding for their flavor and texture. In hacienda el vedado we are convinced that the only way to obtain the best raw material begins with the care of the animals and for that our sheep live in freedom to ensure that they grow in a natural way feeding on the resources that their habitat provides them.

The treatment of milk and the method of making our cheeses in a totally traditional and traditional way, crystallize in our three varieties of cheese: aged artisan cured, cured Iberian butter and cured in olive oil. All our cheeses are made with raw sheep’s milk which allows us to preserve all the properties and flavors of milk.

Other cheeses are made with pasteurized sheep’s milk, this means that during the elaboration of the cheese, the milk is heated to 72 degrees centigrade which can modify the properties and flavor of the milk, influencing the final cheese.

In hacienda el vedado we use a natural and artisanal method in which milk is not heated to high temperatures, so its properties are not modified. Our elaboration of cheeses according to traditional methods based on raw milk, does not mean that the process is not carried out under the strictest sanitary controls as well as following the current regulations.

Many consumers mistakenly think that because a cheese is made with raw milk, it means that it has fewer guarantees than one made with pasteurized milk. However, because it is a product made with raw milk, its controls are exhaustive throughout the manufacturing process. From the milking of the sheep, the obtaining of the curd, cured and processed to take the cheese of ewe to the house of the consumer, to be carried out following a detailed control according to the Spanish and European norms.
The difference between our pure sheep cheeses reside in the curing time as well as the product that gives a final touch and characteristic flavor. Our old artisan cured cheese is that it spends more time in the healing room under controlled temperature and humidity. On the other hand the sheep cheese cured in olive oil, as its name suggests, once it has been prepared it is bathed in olive oil for a sufficient period of time so that the oil penetrates the superficial layers of the cheese, providing a very characteristic flavor .

Finally, the pure cured cheese of sheep in lard counts in its elaboration with Iberian lard bred in the pastures of Extremadura.
Our sheep cheeses are an authentic gastronomic delight with a powerful flavor and a delicate texture. Being made with raw milk, the sheep’s cheese will easily crumble in the mouth, which will favor the appreciation of aromas and flavors in the mouth.

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