Iberian ham shoulders

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The hams and palette of Hacienda el Vedado are characterized by their quality that is achieved only and exclusively with the use of raw materials of the best quality. The Iberian pigs from which these gastronomic delicacies come are raised in our pastureland in a sustainable and natural way.

The hams and shoulders are treated with affection, under strict control and traditional methods of salting and curing. During the whole process, our ham masters will carry out exhaustive controls of parameters such as temperature or humidity. Each phase in the elaboration of these gastronomic works requires very strict specific conditions and in Hacienda el Vedado each and every one of them is fulfilled.

Only compliance with these rules and controls are what make Hacienda El Vedado has the official certification of Trace & Control which certifies that hams and shoulders are obtained through processes that strictly comply with the minimum requirements established in the current regulations.
In addition Hacienda Vedado has Hams and Paletas with the designation of origin of Extremadura. This means that these precious products comply with the regulations and requirements of our autonomous community among which stands out the sustained breeding of Iberian pigs in a natural environment without equal. These Iberian pigs live in freedom in the Extremadura dehesas, feeding on the resources provided by this exclusive and idyllic environment that ultimately will help to obtain the best product with unparalleled quality.
None of the Iberian hams and shoulders of Hacienda el Vedado is available to the consumer without first being examined one by one by our experts. Among the parameters taken into account the morphology of the paw or shoulder, the proportion and thickness of the eternal fat and of course, the realization of the tasting to know the state of this delicacy in its interior. Only if the ham or shoulder meets the stringent controls / requirements, do you decide to put this delicacy into Consumer devices.

These controls allow Hacienda el Vedado to take this gastronomic treasure to the palate of consumers and be sure that they enjoy an experience like no other.

If you want to buy a ham or a quality palette and without running the risk of making a mistake, at Hacienda el Vedado you will find what you were looking for. In addition our official labeling, also certifies that our hams and shoulders are Iberian that comply with Spanish and European regulations in the marketing of this type of products and thus avoiding any confusion or deception regarding the quality of the products.

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