Iberian sausages

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The Iberian sausages of Hacienda Vedado are made from different cuts of Iberian pork meat. The life and care of animals throughout their lives is one of the pillars on which the quality of our sausages is based. Iberian pigs live in freedom in Extremadura dehesas where they feed on the resources provided by this privileged habitat.
Only thanks to the type of life in freedom, type of care and control of animals do we ensure to obtain the raw materials of the first quality that will mark the difference in the preparation and taste of the final product. These raw materials are treated with care and following traditional methods. These meats and fats will be seasoned with different marinades and spices to make a wide variety of sausages such as: Morcón, Chorizo, Salchichón, Caña de Lomo, Morcilla, etc.
Each of the sausages made at Hacienda el Vedado is considered a delicacy that will bring the consumer to a unique experience with a flavor and texture characteristic of the most appreciated mundane delicacies.
Our products are elaborated and dried following specific artisan processes of each type of sausage. These methods and processing requirements will depend on several factors such as the diameter of the piece, the type of meat used in the sausage, the type of casing or the marinade used.
Sausages such as sirloin steak have the designation of origin of Extremadura, it is also labeled according to Spanish and European standards which ensure the correct identification of Iberian products. This labeling avoids frauds and deceptions in which white pork products are sold as Iberian pigs.
To make matters worse, this sausage also has the certification of Trace and Control. With this certificate the consumer can be 100% sure that the loin is made following processes fully controlled according to the current quality regulations. This only certifies that the products that Hacienda el Vedado brings to the palates of its consumers are of the highest quality.
Hacienda el Vedado, thanks to its sausages, contributes its grain of sand to the Extremadura and Spanish gastronomy, providing the consumer with authentic culinary gems worthy of being tasted. In them you will be able to appreciate the flavor and good work of this family business that carefully brings to the market outstanding products and praised by all those who have the privilege of tasting them.
Buying Iberian sausages from Hacienda el Vedado will ensure maximum quality and provide your palate with an experience you have never experienced before.

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