Acorn Iberian Ham

Acorn-fed Iberian hacienda hacienda El Vedado meets the highest standards and controls in the sector. This ham is extracted from the back legs of 100% Iberian pigs, which are raised in the wild and fed on natural pastures and acorns found in the dehesas. This life liberty as well as its feeding is what will facilitate us to obtain a product of the highest quality once the process of salting and curing this gastronomy jewel has elapsed.

Approximate size / weight of the piece: 7.5 – 9.5 Kg

Desde: 277,50


Hacienda El Vedado Iberico Bellota Ham has the black labeling which certifies that they come from 100% Iberian pigs. These products also have the Trace and control certification thanks to which the consumers of Iberian acorn-fed ham can be sure that the product has undergone exhaustive controls and has the guarantee that it complies strictly with the current regulations in both Europe as in Spain with respect to Iberian products.
Like any product of exquisite quality, the main ones are the raw materials and at Hacienda El Vedado we carefully and carefully pamper our Iberian pigs, which feed naturally on the dehesa. The animals live in complete freedom which helps and facilitates the morphology of Iberian acorn-fed ham. In this way we achieve stylized ham legs which have a large amount of fat infiltrated in the lean part of the ham.
Precisely this combination of lean and fat is what characterizes the extraordinary and exquisite taste of this culinary delicacy. Its intense red color contrasts with the softness of its texture. As for its flavor you can appreciate the intense aromas provided by an optimal and spoiled cure.

Recommendations for consumption and pairing:
In Hacienda El Vedado we recommend the start or opening of the ham for the Maza or what is the same with the hoof up. In this way, when we start the ham, the oils from it are filtered towards the part of the Babilla that a priori is the driest. This will help to ensure that the area of ​​the stifle when we start it later is juicier.
It is also highly recommended that when we start the ham of acorn, we keep several pieces of bacon for when we finish cutting ham we can cover this area with these pieces of fat. This will allow us to preserve the ham in a more optimal way and thus maintain its properties and characteristics, preventing it from drying out. Cover the slicing part once we have finished cutting them.
The cut dates should contain part lean and fat only in this way we can enjoy all the flavors and nuances that this Iberian ham can offer us. To also appreciate its texture it is advisable that the slice is not too thick in this way it will be easier to taste on our palate.

Details and ingredients:
Iberian pork ham, salt, sugar, acidity corrector (E-331iii), preservatives (E-250, E-252), antioxidants (E-301).


7,5kg, 8kg, 8,5kg, 9kg, 9,5kg

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