Cheese in olive oil

The sheep’s cheese in oil from Hacienda el Vedado is made with raw milk following the traditional processes, after which it is bathed in olive oil. Being made with raw sheep’s milk, (not pasteurized), the cheese has a stronger and more intense flavor to sheep’s milk.

Approximate size / weight of the piece: 250 g – 775 Kg


Raw sheep milk cheese in virgin olive oil is made with premium quality raw materials. Furthermore, during its elaboration process, it is tried to interfere as little as possible in the properties of the milk to preserve the flavor and characteristics thereof. Being made with raw milk, do not subject sheep’s milk to high temperatures which would cause a reduction in flavor.

The process of making sheep’s cheese in olive oil is done following traditional and artisan methods, but also following the highest requirements and controls required by Spanish and European consumer regulations.

The cheese has small eyes and irregularly distributed. These small eyes will be the ones that a posteriori will help the olive oil to filter evenly in the cheese during its maturation period. When the cheese is impregnated with olive oil, it will acquire a very characteristic flavor. In addition, the olive oil used in this product is extra virgin which allows us to maintain the highest quality of our cheese.

The nuances in palate that are obtained with sheep’s cheese in olive oil are acid and intense. We could say that even a little spicy, due to its period of healing and impregnation in olive oil.

Recommendations for consumption and pairing:

The sheep’s cheese in oil, can be stored in the refrigerator or in a dry place with little humidity, but always avoiding high temperatures. If stored in the refrigerator, the cheese should be removed from it, at least 30 minutes before being consumed. The ideal temperature of sheep’s cheese in oil should be between 20 and 25 degrees centigrade.

The best combination of this cheese are reserve wines that have spent a lot of time in the barrel. However, the pairing can be very subjective so it can be accompanied with the wine that the consumer likes the most.

Like all cheeses from Hacienda el Vedado, olive oil must also be consumed raw, as a main dish or as an appetizer before more elaborate dishes.

Details and ingredients:

Raw sheep’s milk, salt, dairy ferments, egg lysozyme (preservative E-1105), animal rennet and olive oil. Inedible bark (conservative E-235)



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